The Annie James Mission

Our Annie James Collections of fine jewelry blend classic style with a modern lifestyle – versatile pieces that will remain relevant and grown with the wearer. The mission behind the collection is to raise thyroid cancer awareness – our founder, Anne Glackin, is a survivor.  Jewelry is something that women often compliment each other on, so it’s a great way to start a conversation and spread awareness about the importance of asking for a neck check at your annual physical. In partnering with CancerCare, 20% of the profits from every necklace goes to a dedicated thyroid cancer fund, directly supporting thyroid cancer patients with the cost of long-term medical care.  
Our collection features pieces in 14-karat gold, diamonds and precious gemstones. The jewelry is handcrafted by skilled artisans in New York City and can be customized to a clients preference of metal and gemstone. Each necklace is adorned with a beautiful butterfly charm at the clasp, signifying the butterfly-shaped thyroid gland located at the front of your neck – a symbol for survivors and those who have been affected on some level by thyroid disease.

In July 2016, my life took a small detour when I went to the doctor for strep throat. I left with not only a prescription for antibiotics, but what would later turn into a thyroid cancer diagnosis. I was 25, active and seemingly healthy. How did this happen? As a woman, I knew about the importance of checking my breasts for lumps, but it never occurred to me to check my neck.

I took charge of my diagnosis and went to Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center for treatment. In November 2016, surgeons were able to remove my thyroid and the surrounding cancer-infected lymph nodes. Today, I am cancer-free and feeling better than I have in years.

As part of my recovery, I designed my Annie James Collection to promote thyroid cancer awareness. A beautiful and meaningful piece of jewelry felt like the perfect way to start a conversation and spread awareness about the importance of getting a neck check.

I knew that I wanted to support patients who struggle financially with the cost of the lifelong treatment that thyroid cancer requires. This led to my partnership with CancerCare, an organization that provides financial assistance, counseling, support groups and education to cancer patients and their caregivers.

Even if you don’t have any noticeable symptoms, get into the habit of asking your doctor for a neck check at your annual check-up – it’s quick, painless and could save your life!