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Giving Back

20% of the profits from each necklace are donated to CancerCare, directly supporting thyroid cancer patients with the cost of long term medical treatment.


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Get a Neck Check

As women we are taught to have our breasts checked for lumps, but with 3 out of 4 cases of thyroid cancer found in women, why aren't we taught the importance of getting a neck check?

Our Thyroid Cancer Survivor Community

I would not have known I had any thyroid issues or cancer except for a pain in my shoulder…I went in for an MRI and they saw nodules on my thyroid that looked suspicious. It turned out I had 5 cancerous nodules. (Meanwhile my shoulder was fine!)

Jann S.

All I have left to remind me of my cancer is a scar, the memories, and a custom made [Annie James] necklace with a little butterfly hanging on the back. Who knew that a small butterfly shaped organ hiding away in the neck could be so important.

Celina B.

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