Make a statement, change a life.

Profits from each necklace directly support thyroid cancer patients.

Get a Neck Check

As women we are taught to have our breasts checked for lumps, but with 3 out of 4 cases of thyroid cancer found in women, why aren't we taught the importance of getting a neck check?

“It’s important to me to help people, especially young women, understand the importance of the thyroid gland and to regularly check their necks to make sure that everything is in order.” 

Holly's Story

"I was a sophomore in college and majoring in Dance Performance. I knew my body inside and out. My body was telling me that something was wrong and despite what the doctors said, I listened to my body."

Chelsea's Story

"According to the American Cancer Society, approximately 60,220 people in the US were also diagnosed with thyroid cancer [in 2013]. I never expected to be part of that statistic at age 26."

Vanessa's Story

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