My mission, combined with my love of jewelry, has resulted in Annie James jewelry - a line of fun, vibrant and easy to wear pieces, worn to promote thyroid cancer awareness.  My inspiration is derived from shapes, color and a positive mindset.  I am dedicated to excellent gemstone quality and expert craftsmanship of the finished product.  

All of my pieces are produced in New York City in 14-karat gold, precious gemstones and diamonds. Each necklace is adorned with a butterfly charm at the clasp, representing the butterfly-shaped thyroid gland.  The bright stones that I incorporate into my designs are meant to attract attention to the wearers neck.  

Jewelry is already something women often compliment each other on, so wearing an eye-catching piece of jewelry is a natural way to start a conversation about the importance of getting a neck check.  When a woman wears Annie James jewelry, she should feel beautiful and confident.  This, combined with the knowledge that each necklace directly supports thyroid cancer patients, will empower her to spread the message, 'get a neck check.'